Hey ACA fans!  We have been trying to watch as things play out in the world today to try and make the right decision regarding if ACA2021 would still be ongoing.  To respect the mandates of social distancing and help flatten the curve and avoid any backlash that would come with any gathering of the number of people that ACA brings, sadly we have decided that ACA will not be happening this year as we had originally hoped.  We are terribly sorry for getting everyone's hopes up, however we feel this is the most responsible course of action for us to take.  At this time, another date for ACA is not set and likely will not be until we can be confident that it is safe to do so.  

Unfortunately, while the convention is not taking place, our ongoing expenses have continued to take cycle.  Website, marketing, venue space, down payments, etc., have not paused for us in the hard time regardless of the situation.  If you would like to let the pre-registration that you paid be a donation to the con to support it in hopes that it may return in the future, it would be greatly appreciated.  Of course, we understand that these days are a struggle for many and so we will be able to refund your pre-registration if it is needed.

If you would like to request a refund, please email us at with these details:

*Name the tickets were purchased under

*Name(s) the tickets were for

*How many tickets were purchased

*Make the subject of the email REFUND REQUEST in all caps just like that.

Please send all refund requests by 5/31/21.  After this date, any unclaimed refunds will be considered donations.

If you choose to donate your pre-registration, we are truly grateful for your support!!  For those who donate, send us an email at, letting us know and include your name, t-shirt size, and mailing address.  We will send you a free ACA t-shirt for our year that would have been the best yet!

We are terribly sorry for this unfortunate circumstance and hope to bring ACA back to you in the near future!

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