General Convention Rules
  • Don't lose your con badge. Keep it on you at all times visibly so our staff can see it! If you lose it, we cannot replace it and you will have to purchase a new one.

  • Government-issued ID required for any 18+ event.

  • Taking pictures of cosplayers is great, but be respectful.

  • Don't harass anyone, in any way.  COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT!!!  

  • Anyone attempting to harm another person will have their badge confiscated and will be escorted from the premises.

  • Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No nudity or indecent exposure! That means make sure all clothing and costumes cover females' chests and all private parts on everyone.

  • No bare feet. Wear shoes. Come on, dude.

  • No stealing! Any theft from the dealer room, artist alley, or any other merchandiser will be dealt with by the police.

  • No SELLING is allowed except for authorized Dealers and Artist Alley participants.

  • Please be respectful of convention staff, volunteers, and hotel staff.

  • Neither AnimeCon Arkansas nor the Venue is liable for any injuries, theft, or loss of property.

  • No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the convention floor. 

  • Please be respectful of other hotel guests.  Keep noise down to a minimum, especially at night.  No crazy room parties!  The hotel has the right to crash any party that gets out of hand.

  • Any damages done to hotel room or any other hotel property is the sole financial responsibility of the attendee and NOT AnimeCon Arkansas.  Destruction of any hotel property is strictly prohibited.  We want to keep our location for next year!

  • All behavior is subject to staff discretion. If we feel something is inappropriate, it will be dealt with.




  • All weapons and props must be checked in and must follow the weapons policy.

  • No REAL WEAPONS. Bladed weapon props cannot be sharp or pointy and firing weapons (guns) must have and orange tip and cannot be loaded (this includes Nerf guns and water guns).

  • Absolutely NO metal weapons. If it is metal, it is not permitted.  Even if it "will stay in its sheath," if blade is ground down to make it dull, it does not matter; NO METAL WEAPONS. Weapons purchased in the vendor room must IMMEDIATELY be taken to your hotel room or your vehicle and cannot be carried around on the convention floor.

  • Blunt objects are not permitted. This includes wooden or aluminum baseball bats, golf clubs, steel crow bars, etc. 

  • Things that ARE permitted include plastic or foam props, and unloaded Nerf or water guns. Any toy gun is allowed as long as it has an orange tip.

  • All weapon checks are at our discretion. 

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