Read the rules and scroll down to apply to volunteer!

Volunteering - Anyone 14+ Can Do It!

Please remember that volunteers 

MUST pre-register like any other attendee! 

Fulfill volunteer obligations and you will receive a full refund for your pre-registered pass.

Volunteer Perks!
Green Room Access
Front of Line Access at Signings & Panels
More possibility of interaction with guests
Snacks provided by ACA
Access to Crash Room (Hotel Room for Volunteers to Crash!)*
Free T-Shirt
Opportunity to Make Friends & be a Part of Our ACA Family!
Credentials to put on resume. That's right, you can use your volunteer work at ACA as a job reference!
Volunteer for 2+ years and earn the privilege of not having to pre-register in the future as long as you are still volunteering!

AnimeCon Arkansas Volunteer Rules

  1. All volunteers must pre-register like any other attendee. After fulfilling volunteer obligations, volunteers will receive a refund of the amount paid prior to taxes and fees. That can make volunteer badges free (exception of the taxes and Eventbrite fees), but only after fulfilling all obligations. All volunteers are encouraged to pre-register early. When pre-registering, attach a note or send us an email stating that you are a volunteer. If we have no documentation of what you paid originally, we will not be able to issue a volunteer refund.

  2. We will have several mandatory volunteer meetings throughout the year prior to the convention. If a volunteer is unable to attend any of these meetings, we must know ahead of time. We take roll calls at all meetings. If a volunteer misses more than 2 meetings, we will have to write them off as a volunteer. We try to schedule all meetings with enough time ahead to plan. Attendance at volunteer meetings counts towards your volunteer refund.

  3. All volunteers are required to be at the venue during the designated setup time (announced closer to event date).

  4. When volunteers purchase their badges, they will be expected to work at least 10 hours throughout the weekend, as well as be on call in case they are needed. Of course, these 10 hours will be split up into 1-2 hour shifts. If any volunteer fails to fulfill their volunteer obligations or does not follow these rules, their status as a volunteer/staff will be terminated and they will not receive a volunteer refund. Depending on the situation, this could result in being unable to volunteer at AnimeCon Arkansas in the future. 

  5. If any volunteer is asked to work longer than 10 hours, they are expected to do it. Remember, this is 10 hours over the course of the 3-day event, not 10 hours all at once!

  6. Prior to the event, all volunteers are expected to help advertise and promote the convention by sharing our flyers via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and passing/posting around physical flyers all around Arkansas and surrounding states if that is where you live or if you attend other conventions (with their permission). We will also mail out official flyers upon request and have volunteer meetings to distribute flyers. Helping with promotion and advertising is absolutely necessary for all volunteers, and it also counts towards volunteer refunds. We do keep track of what we see.

  7. These rules are subject to change, and volunteers will be notified if they do. If any rule-breaking occurs by con-goers that a volunteer is unsure of what to do, it will be up to the discretion of the con chairs.

  8. Volunteers will be scheduled at particular stations at particular times, however that is just a guideline. We will move volunteers around however needed, regardless of the official schedule.

  9. It is 100% absolutely necessary for every volunteer to respond to our emails, social media posts, and every other way we try to contact you. If we post in the Facebook group page, you must respond. Communication is the key to success for ACA, so it is very important for our volunteers to keep good contact with us. We reserve the right to refuse volunteering to any person who fails to communicate properly.

  10. Positions where volunteers are needed are as follows:

  • Registration table

  • Weapons check

  • Hallway/general monitoring

  • Vendor room, main events, and panel room monitoring

  • Helping vendors load/unload

  • Overall security

  • Game room supervisors

  • Table/chair setup and breakdown

  • Setup prior to event/breakdown at the end